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Pickling / sandblasting (blasting)

Sandblasting (blasting) is a process consisting of cleaning or shaping any surface with abrasive in the stream of compressed air.

The result of blasting is similar to grinding but the cleaned surface is more even and obtains roughness necessary before the coating; additionally, it enables avoiding problems connected with cleaning hardly accessible corners or curvatures.

Sandblasting is the most effective method of cleaning surfaces - removing rust and old painting coats. It may, however, be connected with a risk of irreversible damage to the cleaned surface and that is why we treat every order individually and with the utmost care of the customer-provided material.

The blasting chambers we have are intended for pneumatic cleaning of the surfaces of steel surfaces and constructions welded with the use of the vapour blasting method.

The objects are cleaned by an employee who is inside the blasting chamber while doing the work.

The sandblasting method has many advantages. It is an ecological method - during the sandblasting process aggressive or corrosive substances are not used like during chemical cleaning. Sandblasting gives particularly good effects and the used coats or varnishes perfectly adhere to the coarse surface. During this process there is no soaking of the water into the substrate - like during washing materials with high pressure, causing salt efflorescence.