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Welding is a metal bonding technology which is used most commonly in industry.

Welding consists of bonding two materials with or without the use of some binder; the used binder has properties which are identical or similar to those of the welded material.

We perform welding of black and stainless steel with the use of MIG/MAG and TIG methods. They are the methods of welding which are most commonly used in industry and they guarantee a high quality and durability of the produced welds and bonded elements.

The MIG/MAG welding is welding with a consumable electrode in an inert or active gas shield. It is argon which is the most often the protective inert gas, which does not participate in the welding process. The protective active gas is usually carbon dioxide. In the MIG/MAG method the electric arc is maintained between the welded material and the electrode in the form of wire. The arc and the weld pool are shielded by a stream of inert or active gas. The method is suitable for welding the majority of materials if electrode wires suitable for various metals are selected. The advantages of the MIG/MAG welding include, among other things: a high quality of welds; a possibility to weld different kinds of materials; low costs; a possibility to weld materials of a wide range of thickness; a possibility to weld in all positions.

In the TIG method (welding with a tungsten electrode in an inert gas shield) the welding arc is created between the infusible tungsten electrode and the welded element. The protective gas is inert gas and it does not have any influence on the welding process. It is usually argon which is used as protective gas which prevents not only the weld but also the electrode from oxidation. In the TIG method it is not necessary to use any additional material. The welded elements can be bonded by re-melting the welding groove. If additional material is used, it is put in the pool by hand and not with the use of a welding gun like in the MIG/MAG method. Among the advantages of the TIG welding it is necessary to mention, among other things: a very high quality and cleanliness of the welds; a possibility to weld many different materials of a wide range of thicknesses (even very thin steel sheets); a lack of liquid splash; a possibility to weld in any position.

Machinery stock

We do the welding using semi-automated welders produced by the Esab and Kemppi companies for the MIG/MAG method and the Kempi and Sherman for the TIG method.