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Preparing / cleaning

Powder coating is effective only when the right conditions are created for it. Preparing the surface to be painted is a necessary and very important stage of the whole process.

Depending on the kind and condition of the surface to be coated, it is necessary to do a series of cleaning activities such as degreasing, removing uneven areas or burrs, removing various kinds of contaminations, smoothing the surface, sandblasting, drying, dedusting etc.

We offer our Customers preparing black steel, galvanized steel and aluminium to be coated. It consists of rough grinding (blasting), degreasing and pickling, then of preliminary rinsing, rinsing, drying, coating and curing.

It is necessary to remember that using even the best powder coating will not have the desired effect if the surface ordered to be coated is not cleaned in an appropriate way before. The surface which has inappropriately or only partly been prepared to be coated greatly reduces adhesion of the coating to the substrate and, what is more, it reduces the smoothness of the surface and leads to the development of infiltration.

Quality control

We do our best so that our Customers could receive the product of highest quality and that is why we strictly verify any element produced by us according to the quality control rules developed over the years. Our products undergo a long and thorough control in terms of dimensions, cleaning and durability. The products which are not in accordance with the accepted assumptions are manufactured again.