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Each ordered design is for us a challenge in which we only involve experienced people, those having necessary knowledge and skills, including practical operation of specialist computer programmes.

In our daily design work we use the CAD methodology, i.e. Computer Assisted Design, which allows us to provide design services in a quick, effective and cheap way.

We do designs of different kinds of devices and semi-finished products for industry, e.g. housings of machines. We do the designs on the basis of customer-provided or our own documentation.

CAD consists of using various computer programmes to create two- or three-dimensional (2D or 3D) graphic representations of physical objects. CAD software may be specialized for particular purposes and used not only in many branches of industry but also e.g. in film industry.

In the process of designing products and systems for industry CAD is mostly used for creating detailed, spatial (3D) solid or surface models of physical components as well as their 2D vectorial drawings. CAD is also used in the whole engineering process, from the preliminary design of products to static and dynamic analyses of assemblies and defining the methods of their production. It allows engineers to do an interactive and automatic analysis of many variants of the design in order to attain its optimum version intended for manufacture while reducing the number of physical prototypes at the same time. It greatly accelerates calculations which are necessary to obtain the optimum shape and size for various products or industrial systems.

AutoCAD, SolidWorks or SolidEdge are the programmes which are used the most often for Computer Assisted Design.

CAD methodology makes it possible to reduce the cost of product development to a great extent, to increase work efficiency, to improve the quality of the products and to accelerate their placement on the market. Moreover, it ensures a better visualization of the final product, its components and their parts. It facilitates creating a detailed documentation of the product, involving geometry and dimensions as well as itemization of materials etc.

CAD software additionally offers greater accuracy, which reduces the number of mistakes in the design process.