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Powder coating

Powder coating is a method of putting coating in the form of powder onto a previously cleaned metal with the use of electrostatic or electrokinetic spraying.

This technology plays not only a decorative role. Its main task is to protect the material; the used powder coat protects the covered metal against corrosion.

Powder coatings (varnishes) - in contrast to liquid varnishes - enable obtaining even coatings without crazing, stains, bubbles or ripples thanks to which the powder coating technology is believed to be the most effective method of covering metals. Powder varnishes do not require a prime layer. They may be used as corrosion protection. They are characterized by very good mechanical properties and high resistance to exposure to chemicals agents at work; the thermal resistance of the coating amounts to approximately 100oC.

We do powder coating on steel, aluminium and galvanized elements. We offer our Customers a wide colour range (colours according to the RAL colour pattern), enabling to obtain different degrees of gloss.

Before we start coating, we clean the metal chemically or mechanically (using the blast cleaning method).

We are at the disposal of an oven of the following dimensions: 7000 x 1500 x 2000 mm.