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CALOR 25 kW boilers

As a result of implementation of the research and development operations, a new product characterized by a modern design solution has been developed.

We possess Protective Rights

CALOR 25 kW bolilers

In connection with this, steps have been taken to obtain a protection certificate for the utility models created by the Applicant. They have been granted without any objections. At the moment efforts are being made to obtain the certificate for the PN-EN 303-5:2012 standard.


The „CALOR’’ heating unit in which particular attention has been paid to increase the surface of heat reception by the exchanger while preserving the limited size of the device. Thanks to the unprecedented design of the exchanger the intended effects have been achieved, that is
  • high efficiency of the boiler
  • low outlet temperature of exhaust gas (180⁰C at the rated power)
  • safe and convenient regular servicing
  • an option of 100% cleaning of the exchanger (it allows constant maintenance of efficiency)
  • execution quality
  • external aesthetics

The device is made of materials of the highest quality i.e.

  • the exchanger is made of boiler sheet – type P265GH
  • the casing of the boiler of made of 1mm thick powder-coated steel sheets
  • the fuel tank is made of zinc coated steel sheet – this guarantees a long service life

The „CALOR’’ heating unit is equipped with a perfect retort burner.

The whole combustion process is supervised by a microprocessor temperature controller with PID algorithm, which results in a minimum interference with the combustion process. The „CALOR’’ boilers are designed for heating living quarters, workshops, commercial buildings and other public buildings.

In comparison with traditional structures of boilers the „CALOR’’ heating unit guarantees even up to 40% lower fuel consumption.

The structure of the boiler is protected by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

The product is to be launched in the middle of the next year after the currently executed project has been finished.