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Information about the company

The "Instal Chemik" company has been providing comprehensive services in the field of metal working and precise machining for more than 20 years. Our offer includes: laser cutting, CNC machining, steel bending, welding, pickling, powder coating as well as Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and full preparation of surfaces for powder coating.

Long-term experience with companies from different sectors of the economy allowed us to develop the best methods of executing customer-provided tasks. We guarantee full professionalism at each stage of the production, a high quality of products thanks to a modern machinery stock, services done by experienced technical staff, favourable prices as well as fast deadlines of realization of the services. We attach considerable importance to thorough knowledge and understanding of our Customers needs - their satisfaction is our priority.

We do all the designs with great commitment, energy and professionalism, doing our best so that our Customer could receive a product of the highest quality.

Every day means to us not only new orders but also a chance to improve our professional qualifications. A constant and dynamic development of the company also allows us to modernize even more the available machinery stock and to upgrade our employees knowledge thanks to their participation in numerous trainings.

We will be glad to answer any questions concerning our activity. You are very welcome to co-operate with us!


The founder of the PPHU "Instal Chemik" is Jacek Rauhut, who graduated from the Mechanical Technical School in Zielona Street in Pleszew. Having obtained a state diploma of technology, he started his career in the Housing Cooperative in Pleszew.

He gained his professional experience, among other things, during the work concerning failures of central heating systems. In 1989 he set up his own company called "Installation Company," employing only 3 people. Jacek Rauhut was the boss and an employee at the same time.

A few years later, in the Square of Greater Poland Insurgents in Pleszew he set up a chain of shops selling chemicals, paints and varnishes. The company was expanding. Jacek Rauhut extended his business with construction and decoration services. Also the name of the company got changed from "Installation Company" into "Instal Chemik."

The year 2005 brought a breakthrough in the development of the company. Its activities to date were extended with professional plastic machining, metal machining, cutting, steel sheet cutting, laser cutting as well as powder coating.

Thanks to this, the "Instal Chemik" company became one of the most important providers of steel sheets and booths for numerically controlled machine tools for the "Famot-Pleszew S.A" factory in Pleszew. Co-operation with the Famot company brought new orders. Last year six machine tools produced by the "Instal Chemik" company were present at the world`s largest fairs of machine tools - "EMO" in Hannover.

The registered office of Jacek Rauhut`s company has been in Bojanowskiego Street in Pleszew since the very beginning. In other parts of the town its branches have been created. One in Wschodnia Street and another one - in Jarocińska Street. In the branch in Jarocińska Street there is a design office, which employs engineers and constructors. The company`s staff includes several tens of employees and a constantly growing number of orders allows constant development.