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Steel bending

Highly precise, efficient, fast and inexpensive metal bending is guaranteed by the steel bending technology, taking place on press brakes.

We offer highest-quality services of steel bending with the use of modern press brakes.

Our technical facilities and qualified staff of operators guarantee you obtaining high-quality elements for any number of copies and 100% repeatable shapes. A variety of tools make it possible for us to provide a wide range of services.

Advantages of using press brakes include:

  • 100% repeatable shapes and a high precision of cutting;
  • express duration of the production process;
  • bending complicated shapes without deformation of materials;
  • low unit cost (for large orders);
  • any number of obtained identical elements (from one prototype to a small series and a significant number of the same elements);
  • optimum use of raw material, guaranteeing a considerable reduction of waste.

Machine stock

We have 4 CNC press brakes:

  • Amada HFP 100-3
  • Amada HFE 220-3
  • Safan E-Brake B 50-2050
  • TRUMPF TruBend 3100

These modern bending machines allow a precise bending of steel sheets which are up to 3,000 mm long with a high positioning accuracy.

Maximum bending values
maximum thickness of bent steel sheet 12 mm
maximum length of bending 3000 mm