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Laser cutting

Laser cutting is believed to be one of the most precise methods of material processing, especially of metals.

Cutting metal with the use of the laser method


  • it is the most precise and the least time-consuming method of metal working;
  • production of small elements is done in an express way - any laser-cut components are in most cases ready just after the completion without any additional processing;
  • the area of influence on the material is confined to minimum - due to high concentration of the laser beam, radiation and generated temperature do not change the structure of the metal;
  • a lack of physical contact with the cutting head is the reason why it does not wear out during the cutting;
  • reducing waste - due to a possibility to design cutting paths and arrange elements on the sheet in an optimum way.

We offer you a service of cutting elements from black, stainless and aluminium steel sheets with the use of customer-provided or our own material. In order to reduce to a minimum the time of execution of the product we have a stock of approximately 200 tonnes of black steel sheets and of profiles as well as approximately 20 tonnes of acid-resistant steel sheets.

We guarantee the highest precision, a high quality of the cut edge, savings in the use of materials and 100% repeatable shapes. High powers of resonators as well as high velocities of machine positionings allow us to provide services of the highest quality.

Machinery stock

We do laser cuts with the use of the following machines:

  • Trumpf TruLaser 3040 3,2 kW
  • Trumpf TruLaser 3030 3,2 kW (with the possibility of cutting with the use of air, which reduces the costs).
Work zone TruLaser 3030
axis X 3000 mm
axis Y 1500 mm
Work zone TruLaser 3040
axis X 4000 mm
axis Y 2000 mm

TrumpfTruLaser 3030 and 3040 are a new generation of laser machines in which innovative technologies have been combined with a high power of the laser. They are marked with, among other things, one cutting head for all the thicknesses of steel sheet, a high power of the laser and a compact settings variant. They are efficient and easy to use. Their advantages also include:

  • minimum downtimes due to the strategy of one cutting head and an automatic nozzle changer;
  • increased speed and dynamic due to the linear motor drives technique;
  • built-in pallet changer making it possible to change the steel sheet within a few seconds;
  • innovative methods of quick and safe processing;
  • minimum downtimes due to a longitudinal conveyor belt used to remove slag and small elements;
  • possibility of modular automation;
  • possibility to cut steel sheets with maximum thickness amounting to 25mm;
  • presence of a new ergonomically designed operating pulpit with a graphic control panel and a touch screen;
  • flexibility to choose between longitudinal setup and saving of the space due to transverse setup (only in the case of the TruLaser 3030 machine);
  • easily accessible and clearly marked maintenance sites;